Not quite sure what I’m doing


I’m never quite sure what I’m doing. I’m definitely always doing something, or supposed to be anyway (procrastination at it’s finest). Right now I’m supposed to be doing a 700 (not quite 700, but it feels like it) page maths booklet as homework for when school starts again in 4 (yes 4, goodbye summer holidays….) days. But instead I’ve decided to make a blog, where I can write stuff. That stuff being ____________ [fill in the blank].

If you filled the blank with anything remotely exciting then you could not be more wrong. “That stuff” will probably be my thoughts or things that have happened in my day. Not sure why anybody would be interested in reading about my self-proclaimed boring day, or my jumbled up thoughts, but hey-ho, because at least I have somewhere to vent and ramble. Nothing very interesting has happened today, I sat in a car for 3 hours, then came home and sat on my bed for more hours to come. You’re probably bored to tears having read all of this (if you could even be bothered to get this far). So I’m gonna go now, and probably do some more procrastinating.


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