I failed


I said I was going to write something on here everyday, but I forgot and I’m just plain lazy and couldn’t be bothered. I started year 11, boring and sickly as expected. My 2nd day back a year 8 pushed his friend into me so I fell into the wall. My new graphics teacher called on me in class and made me all embarrassed. I’m currently at home because I was ill on Monday-Wednesday and I was dropped off in school but I walked home before it started. I walked home because as soon as I got in school I got told by my friend that I needed a note to give my tutor to say why I’ve been off school, or he’d moan at me (stupid because I’ve already rang the main office and told them my reasons for being off school). And then my other friend came over to me and asked me if I’d done my maths homework, to which I said no because I wasn’t in. Then she told me that someone didn’t do their homework because they weren’t in, and my maths teacher shouted at them in front of the entire class. So I told my friends that I was going to see if my mum’s car was outside so I could rush home and do my homework. But actually I knew her car wasn’t there and I walked home. I walked home because I knew that if the teacher actually shouted at me I would get embarrassed and probably start crying. I’m such a coward. I walked home from school in the freezing cold with no coat to avoid being shouted at… I’m so lame. This isn’t much of an entry but all I’m doing is watching friends on comedy central. I hate school, not even in the typical “school is boring I hate it” way. I hate it because it makes me feel sick, I wake up in the morning and I want to throw-up. I get so nervous about the most stupid things, I hate being asked questions in class because it makes people look at me. On a brighter note I know it’s nowhere near Christmas, but a Christmas episode of friends just came on tv and I can’t wait for Christmas. I have thick Christmas socks on now.



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