Away for nine months??


Title makes it seem like I’ve been pregnant, I haven’t been pregnant. I’ve just been gone, doing whatever I was doing. Reading back on old posts about what I wore on a daily basis makes me realise how much 9 months can actually change a person, at least style wise. I like to think I’ve adopted an Angela Chase/Rachel Green/Indie weirdo kind of style. I’ve branched out a lot more and I’m happy about it. I’ve never been more happy with the clothes I own than I am now. Most of them are from charity shops, I absolutely love charity shops. On another note, those dreaded GCSEs I’ve talked about weren’t actually that bad. My last exam is the day after tomorrow and then I am freeeeeeee. I didn’t revise as much as I would have liked myself to, but it’s done now, there’s no turning back. I found some exams hard, and I found some exams easy, that’s just the way it is. I can’t be good at everything and I think I’ve just accepted that fact now. No point in worrying about what my results are going to be, now is the time for relaxing, not stressing myself out. I feel like I’ve done so much in the last nine months that me writing on this blog again is almost like a different person writing on it. It’s definitely missed out on a good chunk of life experiences, but whatever, there’s gonna be more to come! Completely over that guy I talked about having a crush on for a year, Thank God for that. I’m not really doing anything right now. I’m about to have a bath and probably watch some orange is the new black on netflix or find a website that will let me watch all of the episodes of friends. Sadly friends is only on the US version of netflix. So, yeah. I’m gonna try to use this blog a lot more frequently now.


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