Summer starts with dress shopping!


Yesterday I officially finished all of my exams, and now I am free to do whatever I want. My last exam was graphics, a lesson I think I’m quite good at. It was 2 hours long, and I thought it was going to drag but I only had 15 minutes to spare at the end. I think the questions were mostly reasonable, and I think I may have done quite well. But one of the questions was ridiculous. There was this drawing of a toy train, and it was labelled into different parts, and you had to shade and render each different part to make it look like it was made of different materials. You had to shade one part to look like shiny plastic, which wasn’t too bad. But then you had to shade another part to look like wood, I did this about 5 times before I just gave up and left it how I’d done it. The next question was the most ridiculous. It asked me to make a part look like it was made of foam, OF FOAM. HOW ON THIS EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING LOOK LIKE IT IS MADE OF FOAM USING ONLY A GREY PENCIL?! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO DO THAT?! Luckily it was only about 2 marks for that part, BUT STILL… FOAM!

Anyway, after I finished all of my exams, my mum and stepdad took me and my younger brother to Westfield shopping centre so I could look for a prom dress. We looked in every single shop that would sell any type of dress, and yet there wasn’t one dress that I liked enough to buy. I think it’s just destiny for me to turn up in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt at this point. The best part about the whole trip was the pizza I ate in the food hall. Of all of the dresses in that place I couldn’t even find one I liked, can you believe it? I hate prom, well, I don’t hate prom, I just hate the expectations it sets. How girls are just expected to go out and find the perfect dress and the perfect pair of shoes, and then spend ages getting ready on the night. I have nothing against dresses, I just have something against occasions you’re not completely comfortable with that force you to wear a really nice dress. I wish it just wasn’t made out to be this really big thing that everyone should be excited for, because I’m really not excited about it. And now it’s getting closer to the day of prom and I’m starting to feel like I’ll never find a dress I actually like. It’s annoying because I know that if I don’t find a dress I feel good in then I won’t want to go. Argggghhhhhh help me.

I woke up at 1pm today, if that isn’t a true sign that someone has finished their exams, then I don’t know what is. I’m probably just going to watch some youtube videos and get some food because my stomach is making whale noises right now. Byeeeee!

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