Sixth Form and NCS


Today I attended a sixth form taster day, it’s the sixth form in my school, and the only place I applied for. It was SO refreshing to be out of my uniform and in my own clothes, it makes me feel a lot more comfortable and a lot less self conscious. I should be going again tomorrow, but I’m going to NCS! Today I had a taster for the lessons biology and history, two lessons I’m interested in doing for A level. Biology was good, much how I expected it to be. History was amazing, I found out that for year 12 history we learn about The Russian Revolution, Oliver Cromwell and the Monarchy at that time, and we further our knowledge on Germany. I am so excited, GCSE history was ok, I like history so it wasn’t too bad, but all we learnt about was medicine and surgery and Germany, not the most interesting subjects in the world. But this just sounds so good! NCS tomorrow should be so amazing, I can’t believe it’s come around this quickly. I can’t wait to be out in the countryside being active, instead of sitting at home staring at a computer screen. I don’t really have anything else to say. Waking up whenever I feel like it is weird, I definitely don’t miss the early mornings for school.

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